Episode 1- "Getting To Know Us"

This is the very first episode of the "HopeChangers Podcast"!! Yay!!! In this episode we give you an introduction on who HopeChangers are, what we are about, what is a "hope changer" and what we plan to do with this podcast. We hope you enjoy! 

Episode 2- "Young, Fly and Saved??

"Young, Fly and Saved??...Whats Up With That??" In this episode we talk about the "Young Fly and Saved" generation and how it differentiates from the Word of God and the Christian lifestyle.        

Episode 3- "Gospel Music & Where Its Going"

In this episode we talk about how gospel music we feel is turning into more of a secularized sound rather than solely spreading the gospel (good news). Feel free to give us feedback at info@hopechangersintl.com we hope that you enjoy episode #3!!!   

Episode 4- "Lies and Cliches' in the Church"

In this episode we seek to debunk lies , traditions and cliches' spoken from the pulpit or just amongst believers in general! We hope that you enjoy, we had fun with this one!!!! 

Episode 5- "Who's Behind the Mic"

In this episode we seek to personalize and let you in on who the founders of HopeChangers are, how we met, family life etc.! We hope that you enjoy episode 5 just as much as we enjoyed recording it!!! Be Blessed!!  

Episode 6- "Faith, It makes no sense"

In episode 6 we chat a little bit about faith and even share our personal story of faith! It is really our hope and prayer that this particular episode will encourage our listeners to the fullest!!  

Quick announcement!!!

Hey everyone just a quick announcement about small changes made to our podcast!! 

Episode 7- "Lets Celebrate??"

In this episode we talk about halloween and all that comes with it. This episode is somewhat deep but the truth has to be told!

Episode 8- "An Invitation"

In this episode we want to encourage those who are going through tough times in life, and offer some comfort and solution through Jesus Christ.

Episode 9- "Identity Crisis"

With episode 9 we wanted to truly offer encouragement to those who are struggling with their identity,  acceptance, feeling pressured to impress others because of society around us. Jesus has already made you beautiful be comfortable in just being you!     

Episode 10- "A Message to Muslims"

Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world, second to Christianity, but what do Muslims actually believe? Listen in as the HopeChangers break down what Islam truly is and isn't, & gives revealing truth about it origins.

Episode 11- "Help I'm Depressed"

HopeChangers wants to  offer some help and hope through Jesus Christ to those who are going through any kind  of hopelessness. We love you and we want to encourage you. Also stay til the end and listen to "Faithful" by our friend Kanita Benson. Be sure to check her out on all music platforms!

Episode 12- "A Message to Gay America"

Jesus offers salvation to all who will accept His free gift of life, listen in as we share the love of Christ with the gay community!

Episode 13- "The God Box"

Why is it that us as believers want God to work on our behalf but we don't want to take God out of the box we have Him in, in our minds. Listen in as HopeChangers seek to encourage others to unlimit the God who is limitless.

Episode 14- "Train Up A Child"

Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not  depart from it Proverbs 22:6! Listen in  as we give our biblical take on raising children. We have two children of our own so we are not experts but we give our little bit knowledge on what the Lord has taught us.

Episode 15- "Feminism"

As we know this feminist movement is moving right along, listen in as we tell  you what the Lord thinks of feminism!

Episode 16- "Are You Ashamed?"

As we walk in Christ lets not be ashamed of the One who gives us love life and liberty! We pray that you are encouraged by this message!

Episode 17- "Pharisee - ism"

It's so easy for a religious spirit to creep into our lives, please listen in as we seek to  give encouragement on how to not slip into Pharisee - ism! 

Episode 18- "Bring This To Your Remembrance"

In this episode, HopeChangers cover the topic of fear, walking in authority given to us by Christ Jesus & also reminding the brethren of days that are approaching. Tune in & get fed!